Getting started with LearnHouse

What is LearnHouse?

LearnHouse is an open source LMS (learning management system) platform that makes it easy for anyone to provide world class educational content. One of the main features is that it offers a variety of content types: Dynamic Pages, Videos, Documents & more..



  • 📄✨ Dynamic Notion-like WYSIWYG pages
  • 👨‍🎓 Easy & simple to use
  • 👥 Multi-Organizational
  • 📹 Supports Uploadable Videos and external videos like YouTube
  • 📄 Supports documents like PDF
  • 🍱 Course Collections
  • 🙋 Interactive Quizzes
  • 👟 Overall course progress
  • ⚡ (Incoming) Live Collaboration
  • More to come