Blocks are content elements that can be added to a page. They can be any type of content, videos, text, images, quizzes etc.

Blocks can be added to a page in any order and can be rearranged as needed.


Block types

  • Text : Add text to your page
  • Image : Add images to your page
  • Callouts (Info, Warning) : Callouts are used to highlight important information
  • Video (Youtube, Hosted) : Videos can be added to your page, either from Youtube or hosted on Learnhouse
  • Quiz : Inline quizzes can be added to your page
  • Code : Code blocks that supports syntax highlighting for multiple languages
  • File : Show PDF files on your page
  • Math : Math equations can be added to your page
  • Tables (Soon)
  • Audio (Soon)
  • Embed (Soon)