Dev Environment

Setting up a Dev environment

This is a guide to set up a dev environment for LearnHouse, it will guide you through the installation of the backend and the frontend.


Backend configuration

Get the repository

git clone
cd learnhouse

Build & install LearnHouse

This will build & run the backend and the database docker images

docker-compose up -d

This will install all the dependencies needed for the backend

  • A Postgres database
  • A Redis server
  • A Collaboration nodejs server
  • A built LearnHouse App* (Frontend & Backend)

You should ignore the Built LearnHouse App as it's not needed for the dev environment, in this case it will be useful only for installing learnhouse contents (Roles, Organization, Users in the database)

Run the backend in dev mode

You'll need to modify the config file to enable the install mode

Go to the backend folder

cd apps/api

Install python dependencies

poetry install

Run the Backend in Dev mode

poetry run python
To learn more about Configuration options, please refer to the Configuration documentation

Check the API

Go to http://localhost:1338/docs/ (opens in a new tab)

Frontend configuration

Init the frontend

Go to the frontend folder

cd apps/web

This will install all the dependencies needed for the frontend, and for this you will need pnpm (opens in a new tab).

pnpm i

Add an .env file in the front folder with the following content

Setting MultiOrg to true won't work locally for now, please set it to false

To learn about Organizations Hosting modes, please refer to the Organization Hosting Modes documentation

Run the dev environment

pnpm run dev

Configure your Organization as the default one

Copy this content to the .env file in the web folder


Make sure to change the NEXT_PUBLIC_LEARNHOUSE_DEFAULT_ORG to the organization you want to set as the default one, you''l find the organization slug in the database in the organizations table

Here it is set to default which is the default organization created by the backend when you ran the backend in the previous steps

Congratulations, you're done! 🎉

Visit the app at http://localhost:3000/ (opens in a new tab)

Next Steps

Thanks for contributing to LearnHouse 💟

You'll find here some issues/ features we need help with, feel free to contribute to any of them