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Self Hosting Overview

LearnHouse is open source software and can be installed and maintained on just about any Cloud provider. We also support different hosting schemas like using AWS S3 or CloudFlare R2 for content storage.

LearnHouse Cloud vs Self Hosting

A common question we get from developers is whether they should use our official platform, or host the codebase on their own server independently. Deciding which option is best for you comes with some nuance, so below is a breakdown of the differences to help you decide what will fit your needs best.

LearnHouse CloudSelf Hosting
🌍 Worldwide CDNIncludedManual + Additional cost
🔄 Weekly updatesManual
🚧 Maintenance & UpdatesManual
🛡️ SecurityManual
⚠️ Threat & uptime management
🔒 SSL CertificateManual
📦 Continuous BackupsManual + Additional cost
⚡ ScalabilityDepends on the cloud provider
👨‍💻 Direct SSH & DB access
🚑 Product SupportEmailCommunity
💟 Where your money goesSupporting the team + New Features in LearnHouse3rd party companies